Nate Manic’s presence on the Midwest dance scene can be described as nothing less than ubiquitous, with hundreds of appearances at the region’s best venues and events over a career spanning 15+ years. Always setting high goals and looking to the future, he continues to be a respected member of Chicago and the Midwest’s history with significant contributions to it’s dance community. Originally from a small town south of Green Bay WI, Nate first discovered dance music through a year-long exchange program to Germany. Already a child wiz who learned to play organ at 2, sing at 11 and play guitar at 13, he fell in love with the sound and made it a point to learn as much about this burgeoning culture as possible. Upon return, Nate furthered his musical education through a 4-year, full-tuition music scholarship for voice to UW-Madison. Though Nate has been with Style Matters since day one, in October of 2009 everything changed as he was named the new Music Director for the Chicago institution, Smart Bar. Since then he has striven to book a wide range of talented and deserving artists both locally and from around the world and hold the bar high for this highly-esteemed club.  Due to his hectic schedule at Smartbar, Nate only plays a small number of Style Matters events.  Still, Nate has played an important role in our company’s growth.  If he happens to be available on your wedding date, you’re in for a real treat.

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