We hope this is your favorite section of the website. If you've taken a peek at the Q&A page, you already know our feeling on sample play lists: for a company like ours, they simply don't exist. Like any gig at a lounge or club around the city, every wedding we work is different.

With that in mind, we thought you’d enjoy listening to mixes we’ve created recently that highlight our versatility, as well as some of the artists we like to listen to in our free time. A small fraction of what you’ll hear below might work at your wedding, most of it will not. Rather, you’ll get a good idea of what kind of technical skills we possess and how we mix records. Most of what we play at weddings, especially during dancing, is much more accessible (read: popular) than what you’ll find below. Plus, SoundCloud prohibits the use of copyrighted material so we couldn’t incorporate too many mainstream hits into these mixes. Downloads have been disabled but feel to leave comments. Also, for a more in depth description of the mix, simply go to our SoundCloud page.

This page will be constantly updated as we each have loads of material that we’d love for you to check out (even if you never plan on getting touch). Check back often, plug in your headphones, and…enjoy.

PS-While we strictly play edited versions of songs at Style Matters events, the mixes below contain the unedited versions.  Earmuffs!