Style Matters is the brainchild of Chicago DJ collective, Orchard Lounge.

Having played at just about every last lounge and club in Chicago, we’ve shared the stage with such reputable acts as RJD2, Nicolas Jaar, The Magician, DJ Krush, Jamie Jones, Aeroplane, Metro Area, Lindstrom, Booka Shade, and K-OS, to name a few. When not performing for higher-end events, we focus on our own original compositions and exposing the masses to sounds you may not have previously been familiar with. Sharing an affinity for a range of different styles of music, from funk and soul to classic hip hop, downtempo and house to classical and jazz, we’ve always prided ourselves on our versatility. It’s this characteristic, and this characteristic alone, that was the root of what we now call…Style Matters.

Style Matters consists of 25 of the most talented DJs this city has ever seen: Michael “Shazam Bangles” Reuter, Ralph “Major Taylor” Darden, John “Bid” Simmons, Andrew Pascale, Matt “Fancy Boy” Kuhnen, Travas “Pr3-Frosh” Machel, Tim Williams, Larry Miller, Joel “Trilogy” Alba, Jason “Intel” Deuchler, Marco Morales, Scott “Scotty T” Yorde,  Jonathan “Hey Champ” Marks, Margot “Diskokitty” Rudy, Max “Abstrax” Davis, Noah “Weaponry” Casser, Duke Shin, Rio “RedRum” Andersen, Torben “Torby” Neilsen, Ryan Norsworthy, Dustin “Mr. D.” Harris, Tom “DJ T” Frederick, Chris “Mass Transit” Nergaard, Madrid Perry, Bethany Lokken, and Spencer Lokken. We all have our own independent style, but share a common vision: we want to work for people who have the desire to create a unique and incredibly enjoyable experience for their guests, not provide them with yet another evening of the staples people grew tired of years ago. We’re not complete snobs, such standard silliness can certainly be great fun, but we prefer to play for the more discerning of dance floors. That is, for the people who understand tunes by the lowest common denominator artists won’t exactly add the edge you might be looking for.

We’ve had countless friends tying the knot recently and we’ve realized we simply can’t take the aural agony of The Chicken Dance, The Macarena, or the Fill in the Blank Slide any longer. If you feel the same way, neither should you. We’re all DJs who do what we do because of our deep passion for the music. There’s simply too much of it out there to waste people’s time on the stuff they’ve heard a million times before. If you’re asking guests to give up a portion of their precious time with you on your wedding day, the entertainment can make or break the night.