Stumbled upon this website the other day and thought this would be really cool idea for the right couple. We here at Style Matters obviously go to a lot of shows, and in doing so, have picked up umpteen tour posters along the way. In fact, I just grabbed one at Tycho this past weekend. But what if the artists designed a one of a kind poster solely for you and your partner? Kind of a neat idea, right? Learn more here:



If you’ve been following this blog, you know that this past winter Style Matters partnered with Chicago Public Schools and After School Matters. Style Matters DJ, Max, was the lead instructor and had regular assistance from Nigel, among other DJs on our squad. It was a nine week program to teach teenagers all about the Art Of DJing. We’re looking forward to another group of kids for our summer session, and then we’ll move the course to our venue (Ovation) this fall.

Here’s a shot of the kids rocking our new t-shirts on the last day of class.