We’re pretty excited about this one. Below is a new video created by our friends over at Great Eye Films. This was a wedding where the happy couple chose to have a DJ/drummer combo. This will give you a good feel for what a party looks and sounds like with both the DJ and live music element. Big thanks to John & Laura for letting us shoot their beautiful winter wedding.

Here’s to lots more DJ/drummer gigs in the summer-summer-summertiiiiiime.

We’re about ready to release a video of String Theory playing a ceremony at Salvage One but I realized that we needed to update our logo before we do. On super short notice, this is what our long time designer-extraordinaire The BZA came up with.

The boy good.

Check out more of his incredible work at right here.


De La Soul loves you.

The iconic group just put their entire catalog online for free. But only for one day. Spending a quiet evening in for Valentine’s this year? Throw on some De La!


In a few days you’re going to see two very cool new videos our friend Michael Silberman put together. One will highlight our unique drummer/DJ service, the other will give you a taste of what my chamber ensemble, String Theory, sounds like in a live setting. In the meantime, here’s a nifty snap Michael got of me DJing at Concord Music Hall this last weekend.


We’ve got the remedy.

Find a slew of Style Matters DJs at the new weekly party, Motown on Mondays, at Chop Shop. Nigel (Trew) & Jason (Intel) rocked the launch party last night and will be holding it down as residents in coming weeks. You’llĀ  see Chris (Mass Transit) will be making an appearance on February 24th, as well.

Take a trip to Hitsville.



We here at SM pride ourselves on being able to carefully craft a unique soundtrack to each and every event we work. A wedding, more than any other type of celebration, should be highly personalized. The best way you can help us tailor an evening of aural revelry is to share your music ideas with us. That’s obvious. However, what many couples neglect to think about is what their guests are going to like to hear on the dance floor. Want to people to remember what great hosts you were? Consider the fact that they’ve taken time out of their weekend to party with you. We’ve been endorsing the Guest Request RSVP card for years and it looks like the trend is finally picking up steam because I see it’s #2 on Buzzfeed’s ’31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas’ list today. Once you start to gather some of your guests’ ideas, you and your partner can filter out the garbage and send the tunes that made the cut in our direction.

Also, check out #20. This may be the best ceremony program ever.


Check out this incredible Doo Wop cover of the wildly popular jam, Timber. If you’re not up on Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox, get ready to spend some time on YouTube. These guys are beyond talented and can put their own creative spin on even the most mundane pop record. Their album, Twist Is The New Twerk (ha!) just dropped this past Friday and we couldn’t resist picking it up.

I dare Key$ha to try and sing this well.