Happy Holidaze from our family to yours.

Photo: Misty Winter
Not Pictured: Ralph, Duke, Edwin, Travas, Matt, Justin, Marco, Zebo

Now We’re Here.

After years of hovering around the #2 spot, on Christmas morning I noticed that Style Matters is now #1 on Yelp when searching “Wedding DJ + Chicago” and “DJ + Chicago”. These rankings probably don’t mean a whole lot, and they’ll surely fluctuate in the future…

Still, apparently we were nice this year.


If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve probably noticed us hinting at the fact that Style Matters is opening up our own private event space in 2014. Today, the new issue of CS Brides hits stands, and this is the advert you’ll find on the back inside cover (the faded image in the background? My folks!). Loads more details will be revealed in due time, but for now, we can tell you that the name of the (ad)venture is Ovation. Our new website just launched, so bookmark us and check back often as we’ll be making updates regularly. We’re also on Instagram at @ovationchicago. For more information, write us at

It’s all happening.


In very rare cases, we will break up our chamber ensemble, String Theory, and have only certain members perform. We recently provided a simple violin/piano duo at the Wilder Mansion. They learned Train’s “Marry Me”, as well as The Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows” and as a thank you to the musicians, the bride and groom left a little something in these burlap sacks.

Three cheers for creative presentation.


Being long time readers of the risque publication, VICE, we were thrilled when they asked Orchard Lounge to put together an exclusive DJ mix for their online readers. Like the magazine (and now, TV show) itself, this mix isn’t for everybody. However, for those with futuristic tastes that go against the grain, it’s an ethereal space odyssey. A hypnotic headphone symphony for a chilly Chicago night. Enjoy.

Dustin was the first DJ I ever met when I moved to Chicago in 2000. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that Style Matters wouldn’t exist in the way it does now had I never met him. Not only is he a supremely talented jocker of discs (ahem, vinyl), but an incredibly gifted artist as well. Come check out his new show this weekend, A.K.A. – The Five Alter Egos Of Dustin Harris.

Dustin Dec 2013 flyer 2