Here’s a new weekly hosted by Ground Lift Media, where four Style Matters DJs (Nigel, Jason, John, and Chris) will be spinning regularly. We’ll be announcing another Friday night Style Matters residency next week, so you’ll always have a place to check us out in a non-wedding environment. For a list of other one off dates where SM DJs will be playing, refer to our Events page.

Dance. Party. Classics!


A very talented photographer named Andrey Trofimov sent me this photo the other day. It was snapped at around 6am (!) as Orchard Lounge played a sunrise set at the Big Up festival in New York.


It’s a gloomy day here in Chicago but we’re not letting the weather get us down. Today is a momentous day for our company. Not only did we receive our 300th Yelp review recently (including “filtered” reviews, of course), but we now have more than any other outfit in Illinois. In fact, we can’t find another DJ company in the United States with more five star reviews than we have. And we still aren’t on Facebook or Twitter.

Tell Only Your Closest Friends.™


If you’re not up on Washed Out, you should be. He’s been making beautiful music for years and with his new album, Parocosm, he might just hit it big. As far as I know, this song hasn’t been used for any major ad campaigns. It’s only a matter of time.

Been wracking your brain trying to come up with a unique recessional song? Well, how about :24 seconds in when the violins hit?


…this is black leather pants and a pair of Stance.”
– Jay Z

The gentlemen of the Style Matters crew have got our sock game on lock. Grooms, so should you. At least for a day. Get creative, and ditch those boring black Hanes dress socks. Make your guests do a double take and rock a pair of Stance.


We’ve worked some incredible events this year but this one might take the cake. Look who we’re opening up for in Vermont next month.

Oh, and the party is at the Von Trapp Family Lodge. Yes, from The Sound Of Music.


Continuing on the animal theme today, here’s a horsie/selfie Ryan snapped way out in Apple River when he had some time to kill before his set.


You’ll see a lot of Style Matters DJs rockin’ different color vinyl this year. Here’s a snap right before 3500 people filled the tent for an Orchard Lounge set at Summer Set Music & Camping Festival in Somerset, Wisconsin.


Noah and I played a “one for one” DJ set (he’d play a record, I’d play a record, etc.)  last week at the Radisson Blu for the CS Brides Summer Launch party. If you haven’t seen our ad yet, check out the back inside cover in the digital version of the magazine here:


My husky pup, Aspen, gave Lady Gaga a big kiss late last night in Bucktown.

L-L-L-Lick Her Face, L-L-Lick Her Face.

(Seriously, that’s her.)


I read a blog the other day that was talking about this film called Radio Unnameable. Like the movie’s centerpiece, iconic NYC radio DJ Bob Fass, I’m a creature of the night…so I figured I’d probably enjoy it. And I did. A lot. The trailer doesn’t really do it justice, but this is a very nice way to spend 88 minutes of your free time.

Without my DJ collective, Orchard Lounge, Style Matters probably would have never existed. Orchard Lounge (and our alias Lokkenic) is the name we go by when playing shows that focus on more underground music. Call it…future funk. The group currently consists of myself and my wife, Bethany. Here’s a picture of the two headed DJ monster at a pre-Lolla party SPIN magazine put on along with our agency, Windish, at Nellcote.


Last year just over 80% of contracted Style Matters events were dedicated to wedding receptions. This year, while the number of receptions we’ve worked (well over four hundred) has increased, so have the number of corporate functions. Recently we’ve found ourselves rocking parties for a slew of Fortune 500 companies. Our favorite soiree this year has been playing a private party the night before the Impressionism, Fashion, & Modernity exhibit opened at the Art Institute. We couldn’t snap any pics at that one, but here’s a cool shot from a 2000 person employee appreciation event downtown the other week.


I’ve seen a few of these <Banksy inspired?> tags popping up in front of parking meters lately. Snapped this one the other night before dinner with the folks.


…once had a joke that went something like: “One time, some dude asked me what my favorite kind of cigar was…and the only thing that came to mind was ItsABoys”

It can be great fun to indulge in a cigar on celebratory occasions, but at a wedding reception, we would highly advise waiting until after the party is over to hand out those Cubans. Why? Because cigars take a long time to smoke, and you’re going to lose a lot of people from the dance floor.

Plus, we want one.


People are always asking us for unique ceremony song ideas. This randomly popped up on my iPhone when it was on shuffle today. I think this could be a pretty rad recessional song, especially if it starts right at 1:43. Coincidentally, St. Lucia played at Lolla this past weekend.