Just got this email from a groom we worked for two years ago today.

I was driving home from work today, cutting down Armitage just east of Sacramento and I’m pretty sure I saw you walking, if you have a dog and ride a long board.

It was a fitting reminder because two years ago today you rocked the s*** out of my wedding at Salvage One.

Just wanted to once again say thanks. My wedding is synonymous with sick-ass-dance-party amongst my friends.

And that, ladies and gents, is why we do what we do.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. & Mrs. Luckey.


One of our long time DJs, Max, was in Rocky Mount North Carolina this past weekend DJing a Style Matters wedding. Max claims this was the “best gig of his life”, and here’s a short video that leads me to believe that might be an accurate statement.

At the end of the party (which took place on the bride’s parents’ estate), the couple had their guests light night lanterns, and in no time flat Max came up with the perfect aural backdrop…