Style Matters is a diverse team of creative and experienced urban deejays, who provide sophisticated soundtracks for events thrown by the music savvy.

We are a unique hybrid of artists and great friends who have a mutual adoration for all things rhythm-centric. Each member of our team has been carefully hand selected and they all have profound musical histories.

We formed the company because we started to notice what a tough time our soon-to-be married friends were having finding credible party rockers for their big day. Shortly before our inception in 2006, having spun at every last acquaintance’s wedding, we realized our target market was even more sizeable than we had thought. We came to discover that windy city newlyweds had loads of options when deciding on a DJ for their soirée, but very few solid choices among them. That’s when we got serious.

Our mission is simple: appeal to independently minded people who want to show their guests an incredible party, nothing more. Chatty emcees? Not us. Tacky lighting displays and a propensity to use props? Uh-uh. An affinity for leading line dances with instructional lyrics and boring you with corny wedding song standards? Please. Conventional DJs we are not. We encourage you to take a look around our site to find out why.

Style Matters because everybody has their own. Drop us a line at info@stylemattersdjs.com and tell us a little about yours.

Tell Only Your Closest Friends.™